Our first Christmas pictures!!

About two months ago, we spent 30 minutes with our good friend Haley to take pictures for our first Nance family Christmas card. This was a big moment and one I was pretty excited for (which is one of the reasons why we took these back at the end of October…). We had a great time being back on the Trinity campus taking pictures with Haley. She got some really cute pictures and was super patient working with Wrigley, even howling to get his attention so we would look at the camera. Below are some of our favorite pictures from our time with her. To see more of Haley’s work, check out her website at Haley Beham Photography.

Family Christmas Picture - Outside the Trinity Chapel

Family Christmas Picture

Something got Wrigley's attention...

One of my favorites :)

Outside the Trinity Chapel

Oh, Wrigley

Merry Christmas from the Nance's!

2 thoughts on “Our first Christmas pictures!!

  1. Yadira

    What beautiful pictures Haley catpured of the Nance’s! I think Wrigley must have spotted a squirrel in one of those pictures. He looks ready to chase it too!


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