O, Christmas Tree! O, Christmas Tree!

I hope at least a few people started to sing that Christmas song as they read the title of this post :)

As many people know, I absolutely love Christmas. Some might say I’m obsessed, but I’ll just say I love the Christmas season. While Chip and I were getting married this past May, I was already looking forward to our first Christmas as a married couple and how we would blend our different family traditions to make them our own. One particular aspect of the Christmas season I was very excited about was getting our first Christmas tree. After years of growing up with a fake tree complete with color-coded branch instructions, my family got our first real tree when I was in sixth grade. It changed my life. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I’ll never go back to a fake tree! Nothing beats picking out a tree on a cold day and the smell of a fresh tree when you come home. Chip also had real Christmas trees throughout his childhood, so this was something very easy for us to agree on. We had decided that the weekend after Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to go pick out our tree together and decorate for the holidays.

Ready for the big tree-finding day, we first spent the morning with the community of Redeemer Presbyterian Church helping put Christmas baskets together that would later be distributed to families throughout San Antonio. After the Christmas baskets event, we made a quick trip to HEB to get the needed items to make ourselves homemade lasagna and chocolate bread. Once we finished at HEB, we went to three (yes, three) different Christmas tree lots. The first tree lot we visited was the best we saw that day. For those out looking for a tree, this lot is located behind Health Link, which is in the same shopping center as Magnolia’s Pancake Haus. As soon as Chip and I walked into the little tented area, we were greeted by the smell of fresh pine. It was wonderful. The trees there were all very fresh, but Chip wanted to compare to a couple of other lots just to be sure that we were getting a good deal on a great tree (I reluctantly agreed). So off we went to two other tree lots.. and both were nowhere near as good as the first! The trees just all seemed drier and had so many loose needles… two terrible qualities for a Christmas tree! So off we went to the first lot once again. We walked around for a bit and Chip found a tree that was still wrapped up and hadn’t been opened by anyone yet. But Chip felt there was something special about this tree. So we asked one of the employees there to cut the rope off so we could see how the tree looked “opened”… and it looked perfect!! We agreed pretty quickly that this was our tree. Although for a second, we did think about buying this tree….

Are we at Rockefeller Plaza?

…. but realized that this would be a smidge too big for our house… haha This thing was huge! And $800.. a little much, right?

Anyway, we gladly took our tree home. While Chip worked to cut off a few extra branches at the bottom of the tree, I got started on our homemade lasagna. After getting the initial steps done, it was time to bring in the tree! I’ve seen my dad and my brother put our tree up year after year and watched them spend some time trying to get the tree straight while my mom and I instructed them on any needed adjustments. I had no idea the straightening process would be such a project! We got the tree up in the stand pretty quickly, but it wasn’t quite centered. After what I thought were minor adjustments in direction, our tree was tilting a lot more than when we originally got it up. I’m thankful that Chip tried to be patient with me and listened to all of my “mm, no. I still don’t think that’s right…” comments and working with me in order to get it just right. It was not an easy process at all and I wasn’t sure if we would even get to decorate our tree or if we would just give up after finally getting it centered! Luckily we were able get through the somewhat grueling setting up process the second time around. By this point, it was 6:30 and the lasagna had yet to go in the oven. After quickly putting the rest of it together, we were extremely happy when the lasagna was done an hour later. It turned out so good!

Homemade lasagna!

Wine, complete with Santa topper

By the time we finished dinner (with some wine and while watching Elf, of course!), I made the dough for our chocolate bread and we were ready to decorate the tree! Now, hanging the Christmas tree lights was always my mom’s job back home. I was excited and also nervous to now have this task for our own tree! Luckily I had years of watching and learning from my mom to help me out. :) Between our solid white lights interwoven with twinkling lights, the tree is well lit!

Lights on the tree!

As far as ornaments go, we only had a handful that we had bought while we were dating, like an ornament from when we saw the Lion King musical at the Majestic, an ornament Chip gave me for our first Christmas as a couple and a few ornaments we bought in Rome on our honeymoon. So we went and stocked up on ornaments a couple of months ago during a trip to Home Goods, but I wasn’t sure if we had enough. It actually turned out to be the perfect amount! Here’s a look at the completed tree!

Our first Christmas tree!

We both love our tree and are so happy with how it turned out. We’re looking forward to enjoying it for the next few weeks!

5 thoughts on “O, Christmas Tree! O, Christmas Tree!

  1. Jocelyn Mesiti

    How cute this is!!! Your tree looks beautiful and your lasagna looks delish!!!! I’ve never had a real tree, but we’re thinking maybe next year when Sofía is a little older to get it, we will venture into it. It can be our first experience :] Hooray for a Nance Christmas!! :]

  2. rmpomeroy

    You guys definitely got a great looking tree! And you’ve decorated it beautifully!! Can’t wait to see more pics of your home all decked out for Christmas!

  3. Yadira

    I laughed so hard reading about our fake Christmas tree with its color coded branches we had when you were growing up! I had forgotten about that. But happy of course that we do REAL Christmas trees now. Your search paid off since your Christmas tree looks perfect! Great team work! And your lasagna looked delicious too. Any leftovers? If so, feel free to send my way.

  4. Denisse

    I loved this!!! Makes me want to go throw out our fake tree and go get a real one!!!
    OMG—I love the pic of Chip hugging the big tree!!! Happy the Nance Family is creating some great Christmas traditions!
    FA..LA..LA..LA..LA..LA..LA….. :)

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