House Project #1… Complete!!

Chip and I bought a house about a month before our wedding – we didn’t have enough going on in our lives at that time, right? Anyways, it’s a small 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house and we love it. As soon as we walked in the house for the first time, we both had a feeling that this would be our first home together. Sure, it’s not perfect; if it was, there would be an extra bathroom, walk in closets and an already complete yard of green grass and a little garden for me. But like I said, we absolutely love it. We really couldn’t have asked for a better first home for the two of us (well, three, including Wrigley!).

Anyways, we have been (slowly) adding touches to the house to make it our own. One of our first projects has been our living room wall. The way we set up our living room left one of the walls untouched, giving us a big canvas to work with. We had thought about getting a big bookshelf for this space, but chose to not put a large piece of furniture here that could make the room feel smaller. So instead, we got a little crafty. We bought some small free hanging white shelves from Target and then sanded and painted them a light gray-blue to match our living room rug. We then bought some glass ball tealight holders we had seen at our friends Adrian and Cally’s house. Now, I love candles so I thought these were so cool! We bought them at Soku (I’m pretty sure that’s what the store is called… it’s a really neat place on Broadway and Sunset Rd that has a lot of different home decor items). Anyways, here’s what the finished wall looks like!

Living Room Wall

We originally had just three shelves up (the second from the left, and then the two on the right) along with the two glass candle holders in the middle, but the wall didn’t feel complete. So that’s when we decided to add the two additional shelves and candle holders. And now we love how it looks! We had fun finding items to fill each shelf and even have a special tribute to Wrigley on one of these shelves…

Spoiled Rotten Dog

Our first home project has been a success… makes me want to get started on another! Shh, don’t tell Chip… :)

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