Clay Casa Finished Products

A couple of weeks ago, I had a blog post about the morning Chip and I spent painting some Christmas ornaments at Clay Casa. We had a great time there, but were both interested to see how our “artwork” would actually turn out. Well, we got to pick our pieces up this past weekend and we (personally) think they look great! Check it out….

Finished results!

I painted the little chubby snowman and the tree on the left while Chip did the second tree and helped with the wreath picture frame ornament. Honestly, we didn’t know how these were going to look once they would go through the glazing process at Clay Casa… as in we were prepared to have these ornaments hidden in the back of our Christmas tree… but now we agree these will look great in the front of our tree! And yes, there will be most definitely be a very thorough post on our Christmas tree decorating in a couple of weeks.  :)

Here’s one last picture of the little chubby snowman. I love him.

Frosty the Snowman :)

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