Daily Archives: November 14, 2011

Birthday Week!

This past week was most definitely a festive one. Between Monday and Friday, Chip and I both had our birthdays while also celebrating the birthdays of two other friends during the week. Needless to say, it was a week filled with lots of food, drinks and cake!

The week began with my 24th birthday. Monday was also special because it was our six month anniversary. We both can’t believe it’s already been six months since we got married; the time has flown by! So on Monday, after spending a long day in focus groups with out of town clients from work, Chip treated the two of us to a very nice dinner at Aldo’s Italian Restaurant. I love Italian food and thoroughly enjoyed our pasta, wine and cheesecake. It was all so good! Chip also surprised me with a beautiful set of flowers at work. It means so much to me whenever Chip secretly brings flowers to my desk at work; it was especially appreciated this time I had been very busy during our two-day client visit and having those flowers next to my computer instantly made me more relaxed and cheerful.

Birthday/Anniversary Flowers!

Two of our good friends, Haley and Sarah, had their birthdays on Wednesday. After having a delicious stew dinner at Haley and Matt’s house, the four of us met Sarah and Bill at Max’s Wine Dive over in the Quarry. Chip and I had never been to Max’s Wine Dive before and had a great time there with our friends. We have known Matt and Haley for a while now, having met Matt while we were all students at Trinity and as members of RUF. We recently started attending Redeemer Presbyterian Church with Matt and Haley and we are grateful for their friendship and encouragement. We have also known Bill and Sarah for some time now after meeting them through Still Water Sports Camp. Both Bill and Sarah currently work for Still Water and it is so inspiring to see their heart for this great ministry.

Friday was Chip’s 25th birthday. That’s right, he’s officially a quarter of a century old! :) I was able to take the day off in remembrance of Veteran’s Day, so I spent a good portion of the day baking Chip a vanilla caramel birthday cake with homemade vanilla cream cheese frosting. It was the first double layer cake I’ve ever made and it turned out great! Here’s a picture of how the cake turned out, complete with Chip’s 25 candles.

Chip's birthday cake!

While Chip isn’t the most nostalgic person, I wanted to make sure his 25th birthday was special, so we went and had a really nice dinner at Fleming’s in the Quarry. A 25th birthday felt like a great reason to go all out on a fancy and very tasty dinner! We ate to our heart’s content and were also given a free slice of chocolate cake to take home. Once we finished dinner, we went and spent some time at Sarah and Bill’s house where they were having a small get together for Sarah’s birthday.

The final part of “birthday week” was a dinner with some of Chip’s closest Trinity friends Saturday evening at Grimaldi’s, also in the Quarry. We were also joined by Chip’s brother, Dale, who made the drive from Corpus Christi to celebrate with us. We had a great time having him in town and hope to see him again soon!

Now, it’s back to a “normal” week hopefully with less food and wine than we had this past week!