Bon Appetit

In honor of my brother’s visit this weekend, I thought it would be fun to spoil him with some home cooking. He just finished taking his midterms and was pretty ready for a relaxing weekend, so I thought it would be fun for him to have a few days where he wouldn’t have to think about his own grocery shopping or spend time deciding what to make for his next meal (which, in all honesty, would most likely be a rice-beans-meat combo). I’ve also been really enjoying cooking more than usual lately. Not sure if I got some invisible “Mini-Martha Stewart in Training” cape once we got married or if I just feel inspired by our nice open kitchen, but I think I would be perfectly content to be at home all day trying out new recipes for us to enjoy.

With this cooking inspiration, I wanted to prepare some special items for my brother. After going through some cooking magazines the past couple of weeks, I decided on some key items for this weekend’s menu: homemade cinnamon rolls Saturday morning, homemade pizza Sunday evening and homemade cookies Sunday night. Needless to say I’ve spent a bit of time in the kitchen this weekend… but it was worth it and everything turned out great!

The cinnamon rolls were first on the weekend list. Luckily Alex slept in a bit on Saturday morning, so I had plenty of time for this recipe. I have a tendency to not fully read recipes ahead of time, so while I knew the dough had to sit and rise for an hour, I hadn’t seen the part at the end where it said the rolls had to sit for 45 minutes before going in the oven… at least I know for next time now! Anyways, the cinnamon rolls were done baking by the time we had finished the eggs and bacon Chip made for breakfast. Cinnamon rolls = breakfast part two. They turned out great and tasted even better with a glass of milk. And yes, we ended up taking a nap later in the day.

Sunday had some serious kitchen time between the pizza and the cookies. Chip and I had made some homemade pizza earlier this summer and had such a great time preparing it, that I was looking forward to Pizza Round Two. We cheated a little bit this time around and didn’t make the dough ourselves like we had before (that made a nice mess in the kitchen the first time around) and instead bought some store-made dough. I think next time we’ll do the dough ourselves again, but dinner was still great tonight!

While the pizza was good, what I really loved on Sunday were the cookies… It’s not much of a secret that I have an epic sweet tooth and a particular weakness for cookies. I got this recipe from Martha Stewart’s cookies book and they are now one of my favorite type of cookies (should have known I would love it since it called for 8oz of bittersweet chocolate… yum). Before putting these cookies in the oven, the recipe calls for rolling the cookies in granulated sugar and then powdered sugar, giving it that cracked look once they’ve baked (super healthy… I know). I have a feeling these cookies will be one of our favorite recipes and this definitely won’t be the last time we bake them. Thanks, Martha Stewart, for a delicious dessert to end a great weekend.

7 thoughts on “Bon Appetit

  1. rmpomeroy

    Love that Martha Stuart Cookies book! I think those cookies are especially fun around Christmastime because they look like they got frosted with snow. :) So glad you’re loving spending time in your new kitchen!! Chip and Alex are 2 lucky guys!

  2. Adria Espalter

    So proud of you and your “Martha Stewart” cooking!!! All just looked really good, Jessica! I’m sure Alex had a great time with you both and his R&R that he so deserved!! What a great sister you are, and Chip is a “Super Brother in Law”
    I’m just very happy to see how you and Chip did all of this for your brother.
    So when are you guys coming by???
    Love you “Mucho”

  3. Denisse

    OMG! That pizza looks so freakin good! I’m so happy Alex got to enjoy some time with you and Chip….and how awesome you are loving the kitchen! Now I can share some recipes with you.! I will have to send you some pics from the cake pops I made! I am clearly obsessed with them…that I went out and bought a baby cakes machine and Google pics of new designs all the time. I think David thinks I’m crazy…LOL!
    Keep on posting!

  4. Josie Carden

    YUM! I have a recipe for cinnamon rolls I make for special occasions. I think I have made the cookies you are talking about too! Is it the one you have to refrigerate the cookie dough cause is gets so soft? Russell likes those.

    On a side note, I didn’t know you had this blog, but i’ve book marked it now! I look forward to hearing what ya’ll are up to!

    1. the nance familia Post author

      Yep, you have to refrigerate the dough in four sections for a couple of hours. They definitely became favorites in our house! :) Thanks for reading the blog; hope to see you guys soon!


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