Monster? Or Super Monster?

My brother Alex is visiting for the weekend. I’m so excited. He’s my one and only brother and I love the times we get to hang out. Since he’s going to college in Omaha and we’re in San Antonio, I definitely don’t get to see him anywhere near as often as I would like.

One thing to know about my brother: he can eat like a champ. We used to have eating contests every Thanksgiving to see who could eat more dinner and more pieces of pie (I’ve learned that I can’t beat him, his stomach is probably at least twice the size of mine, but I usually can beat him in the pie category). Anyways, whenever my brother flies in to visit, he usually wants to eat right away. So what did we do when he landed this evening? Went to Freebirds for dinner. One thing Freebirds is known for is the names of the burrito sizes. From smallest to biggest, it’s Hybird, Freebird, Monster and Super Monster. Alex’s dilemma: Monster or Super Monster. According to the staff at Freebirds, the Super Monster is two Monsters put together.

I would say Alex was smart and went with just the Monster size. And he ate the whole thing. Not sure if I should be disgusted or proud of him at times like these. But he sure was a happy camper once he finished eating.


2 thoughts on “Monster? Or Super Monster?

  1. Yadira

    Enjoy your brother this weekend and thanks for feeding that boy! The monster burrito sounds like something he would definitely eat. Great story about trying to compete with him on who could eat the most but honey, no way you can eat as much as him now. I remember when he recently told me how he goes to Chipotle and orders 2 burrito bowls! Too bad Omaha doesn’t have a Freebirds.

  2. Adria Espalter

    I had no idea you guys had such a place in San Antonio. Yet very smart to take him there!! Dear Lord, never thought he could really eat that much!
    I do love the story of you two and having the “eating contest” on Thanksgiving.
    You guys are too funny!! We should have gone to a place where there is a plate called “garbage plate” it sounds horrible but it’s popular!! Next time Alex comes by we are taking him there.
    Take care!!


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