Hey, everyone!

After some thought and consideration, I’ve decided to blog. I love reading other people’s blogs and am excited that it will let our loved ones get a glimpse into our lives. We have family and friends spread out all across the country, so hopefully this will make us all feel closer and make the distance easier to handle. I’m also excited just to write. As an assistant account executive in a marketing agency and a business-degree graduate, I really haven’t done any “creative” writing since high school (way too long ago). To be honest, I’m pumped to be writing something that has no objective, no communication takeaways, no recap. Just silly moments in our everyday life.

My name is Jessica and I am married to my best friend, Chip. We met our sophomore year at Trinity University (January 2007) and tied the knot in May 2011. I’m so grateful for him and the way God made him – he’s practical when I’m irrational, gracious when I get fixated on my to-do lists, silly when I’m stressed and keeps me down to earth while encouraging me to be all that I can be and happy with how I’ve been made. We live in San Antonio in a little home with our dog, Wrigley. Wrigley’s a special dog (and by special, I really mean crazy) and will most likely be featured in many of these posts. He’s got more personality than any dog I’ve ever met and is always entertaining us. He’s a special part of our little family.

We’ve titled our blog “The Nance Familia” to help describe our relationship. I’m a first generation American, daughter to two immigrants, married to a Texas born-and-raised guy. There’s a lot of Spanglish in our home (surprisingly, more from Chip than from myself) and I love seeing our different upbringings and cultures blend in our house.

We hope our friends and family enjoy this blog!


Jessica, Chip and Wrigley

6 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Yadira

    Love that you have started your own blog and so looking forward to reading it! By the way Jake and Penny send a warm “woof” to Wrigley. They told me to share this with you as I fed them this morning.

  2. rmpomeroy

    Woo hoo! It’s contagious, yeah? I like your background! Where did you get it? Can’t wait for our phone date tomorrow!

  3. Adria Espalter

    I lov this method of staying in touch with family and friends you really wish to do so. I can’t wait to read your blog frequently. You both are very special and just loved how you describe each others qualities, even your “special dog” Wrigley!!
    Can’t wait for you guys to come visit one of these days!!
    Love you both (Wrigley too!!)

  4. Jocelyn Mesiti

    Love this blog and looking forward to reading it and catching up on all your adventures together :] Miss you, and lots of love sent your way from a little home in Rochester <3

  5. Denisse

    I Love Your Blog! What a great idea….I think you have inspired me!
    Can’t wait to keep reading!
    Hugs and Kisses!


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